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Welcome to Hivechan. Hivemind of Anonymous free speech, where truth does not fear investigation, and without compromised administration. On Hivechan you can create your own board for free, with no experience or programming knowledge needed, and as with all other imageboards, no need for accounts, names, passwords, or email to regularly post. Warning: Some boards on Hivechan might have content of adult or offensive nature. Please leave this site if you are under the age of 15 or if the content is illegal in your area of residence. On Hivechan, boards and posts are user-created and they do not represent the opinions of Hivechan staff. Any content that violates United States law will be deleted and result in a ban of the poster
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the new home for /fascist/ is here!

a few weeks ago, me and another 16chan Admin have ...

Say hello to /bmw/ and new updates

Bureau of Memetic Warfare, abbreviated to /bmw/, o...

Happy somewhat late 1 year anniversary

as the title says. it is late because on June 25, ...

Domain has been recovered

after a month of issues due to a hacker who tried ...

join the Chat too

this site has, as of April 8 2022, a chat availabl...

Spring cleaning, Spring update

as of March 31, the site has been updated again. i...

late February inconveniences

To any lurker or poster, FYI, the site went throug...

Site has been updated

as of January 20 2022, the site has been upgraded,...

2 dead boards are gone

/tv/ and /film/ have been removed for being innact...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all Anons. Hive's first Christm...

Welcome back

After the incidents which caused a temporary switc...

/fascist/ - Surf the Kali Yugathe new home for /fascist/, created in wake of the end of the Bunker on 8moe065140
/silvercity/ - Silver CityWhite clay02233
/pol/ - Politically IncorrectNews, Politics, Subjects, Debates, and Happenings021166
/nigs/ - NiggersHe wuz a gud boi! He dindu nuffinz!01117
/sig/ - Self Improvement GeneralAscetism and Heroism000281
/b/ - RandomRandom000176
/meta/ - Site DiscussionQuestions, Answers, and Suggestions00058
/pol2/ - politicswakepills00040
/christian/ - ChristianityChurch of the Anons00037
/tech/ - TechnologyProgramming, Coding, Bug fixing, and so on00020
💼/biz/ - Business & Finance3rd worlders not welcome00019
/fringe/ - FringeEsoteric Wizardry00013
/k/ - Guns, Nukes and shit that goes BOOOOMpost whatever shit related to weapons in general0003
/bmw/ - Bureau of Memetic WarfareControl the Memes, Control the World0001
/i/ - /i/nvasionsRaids, Invasions and Calls to Arms. let's fuck em up anons.0000
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