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Welcome to /sig/ - Self Improvement General. the board that is replacement for the now defunct sigchan. this board is also tied to, a somewhat very official site related to /sig/. if you wish for more news, be sure to check out that site as well, plus the Telegram channel named @sig_up. and here are the rules of the board, remember and respect them:

1. Follow the Global Rules.

2. Have utmost respect for one another.

3. Don't post anything lewd, absolutely no porn.

4. Gore and other horrible things to spam are not allowed here either.

5. Don't troll, be serious.

6. Don't harass others (for their nationality, faith, etc), but Banter is allowed.

7. Don't be a faggot who replies to trolls.

8. Don't be an attention whore.

9. Don't doxx people, respect anonimity.

10. Don't Fedpost, support of Terrorists and Criminals is both retarded and illegal.

11. Religious discussions are allowed but no Religious infighting

12. Don't hesitate to report anyone who breaks the rules above.
Failed NNN. I just don't have a strong motive to stop cooming.
But when it comes to poen, it's just disgusting. It's sad women just chase attention and think that's all they can do. It's sad how many men are hooked, too. I'm not even very turned on due to this. I want to stop.

Will post everyday for accountability.
Pic unrelated
What are you working on, /sig/?
Are self-help books worth reading? A lot of them seem to be re-tellings of old classics, such as, Napoleon Hill's writings. Are those worth reading?
An extremely important aspect of self development is gaining financial independence. I intend to better myself in this regard, thus, this thread.
Broadly speaking, there are two ways to go about this; either extricate oneself from the "system" and become self sufficient, which is a perfectly valid approach, but beyond the scope of this thread, or improve one's financial situation to a degree that allows for one's life purpose to be freely pursued while maintaining and improving living standards.
I believe that the components of personal finance are as follows, in descending order of importance:
>time management
>knowledge, or financial literacy
>increasing income
>accumulating capital, or saving
>decreasing expenses
There are many esoteric aspects of wealth and personal finance, and I intend to cover these to the extant of my knowledge in this regard. An important distinction to make is between  currency and wealth. These are not the same things. Currency in it's current manifestation is a degenerate, parasitic, jew controlled, corrupt con job. I want to make this distinction clear because if there is anyone else actually here, I'm sure this will be thrown at me. Wealth is a virtue, currency in it's current form is a distasteful necessity.
Where is humanity on the Dunning-Kruger curve?
Does humanity have "bloated" confidence in it's own feats and technological advancement?
If so, would modern leftism, globalism, and postmodernism be possible indicators of this?
So I've been getting back into self improvement and I just got the idea to start a podcast. It would be a very simple podcast with short episodes about the grassroots step of Self- Improvement to help young white men. 

--If I go through with it I will be sure to post the link here. 

I hope this chan can gain a bit more traction since 4chan is blocked at my uni.

Thoughts or suggestions?
Historical European martial arts thread, any insights and sources welcome. Imho English longsword doesn’t get enough love.
I've been browsing /fit/ for around a year and honestly I heard stories about /b/ and /fit/ seemed like /b/ without the baggage (lewd pictures). 

I had great laughs and lots of remorse in the /feels/ threads, but just a month or two ago the jannies have been letting lewd pictures run wild on the /fit/ catalog and also started banning /sig/ threads. I foresee /fit/ turning into /b/ and it's very sad to see they are banning our threads for a bad faith reason.
What was the ONE thing that made you stop masturbating and/or watching corn?
If it wasnt one practice or habit or change, what led you to stopping?

Personally, I have been trying for 2 or 3 years now (I dont remember anymore) and, although I have gotten it down from every day corn to an average of ~2 times a weak, I have never been more successful than 21 days.
Is anyone around here? /pol/ is annoying as hell. I just want a place with no trolls, porn or other degeneracy.
I'll start. Hermitix Podcast
Academy of Ideas
Godward Podcast

Zoltanous HN 

Keith Woods

Moncilo Nevesky (Covers interesting dissident stuff)

Cultured_Thug (done making videos, but has some great videos.)

NewRuins09 (Is an Anarchist but has good Fascist videos)

Futurism Forever (covers Futurism and anything that anti-trad)

Censored Anon (more of a self help channel with some politics)

Ubersoy (White Nationalist conservative but he has good videos)

PaxTube (Dissident Right content)

Applied Virtue (Good Right Wing Catholic content)
Why do most women (and effeminate men), not understand that their actions have consequences? It's almost like they have no notion of Causality, nor of things that are and aren't in their control (verbatim as Epictetus describes). They do stupid things then wonder why stupid things happen to them, then claim to be the victim.  

Say what you want about Stoicism (as espoused by Epictetus), or the Dharmic religions, they tend to understand things that what occurs happens because of something prior or another underlying thing. For instance, Epictetus says that if you want to do an action, you have to think about all the struggles and nuisances you will have to face before doing so. Most women  (and effeminate men) just don't understand this, are too hasty, do something stupid, and cry about it when things just don't go their way.

From an objective and logical point of view, it makes so much sense to at least understand. Why don't those two types of people at least understand and make use of it?
Red pill me on cold showers. Heard there are good but Warm Showers feel amazing
Lets post our daily improvements here, lads!
Hey /sig/gers

I know this site is kinda dead, but I wanted to make a genuinely good thread on a chan with no degeneracy. 

Anyways here's some resources:

> Traditional NoFap methods of willpower and "porn diets" don't work. 
> Don't count days
> Intentionally looking at porn is a relapse

The best resource (It's completely free):

A video explaining how porn addiction works:

Also, suggest some non-degenerate chans down below
im thinking this is actually the superior way of training. cuz i tried it 2020 and i got gains easly.
what happend is i stopped last year. but now im back frens.
please post material about training or gym or anything related to /fit/
February is usually my monk mode month and I plan on developing this as a yearly ritual.
The main focuses of this month will be:
Going out even more
Reading books
Planing out my days in advance
Keeping a journal

Past years I used to put coding in the mix but it always ended up in me binging interwebs.
Essentially it will be a month of boredom, and that is a good thing.
Abstinence from everything that is dopaminogenic like computers and junk food.
Name 3 goals of yours for 2022. Only alternative: name 1 big goal and work exclusively towards it.
By listing your goals here, you are condemning yourself to only be able to work towards meeting the goals and nothing else.
Everything else that is not a nesecity is not permited.

I will start:
1)Read at least a single entire extrascolar book
2)Finish uni within this year
3)Make any sort of money for myself

If I were to name a single goal:
Stop wasting time on fruitless endeavours
I can no longer access the website.
Do you ever feel nostalgic for coomer days?
What is your goals, anons?
hey everyone. I'm incredibly new to all this and stumbled here after a mental break. My life isn't unhealthy per se but it isn't healthy either. Where can I start on this ascetic journey?
I failled NN and I am absolutely doing NND. I will be posting here whenever I can for accountability.
I dont do it for le superpower or for some moral reason. I am just tired of frying my brain.
I am starting from today.
To cut to the chase, I am white. I identify more closely to african culture. I moved to southside Chicago from Virginia to get closer to my brethren but I got beaten up and my money stolen over it. There's a girl I'm trying to impress but she's into hood types. Is there more that I can do to fit in and impress her? They do rap battles every Friday night on the block and I've been practicing but I dont know if I'm good enough. Any advice anons?

Pic related: It's me.
You know what day is tomorow.
We are going to do it, arent we?
I hate the Jews. At least I don't have to listen to their shit music anymore.

I'm pissed off. I wish I wasn't born in this shit-hole country. Why do we let the government push us around? are we really so spineless?
What are your favorite potions?
/sig/ggers don't care about popularity, but I'm glad we found a place where we can actively discuss our journeys towards our goals, tips, support, etc.

We keep on winning, bros!
Where are you all ?
Things to mule upon on:

This is my cry into the void. Your life is slowly ending. The days you spend doing nothing compound. Solutions for your problems exists, you just need to search for them. Answers exist. Look around. You are not alone in your struggle for meaning. Men since the dawn of time have yearned for meaning and answers. Each day wasted is a day of regret on your death bed. It is approaching with certainty. You’ll be lucky to meet death knowingly surrounded by love ones. Meditate on your temporary and short time here. What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you want to be? What do you want out of life?
First ez

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