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Welcome to /sig/ - Self Improvement General. the board that is replacement for the now defunct sigchan. this board is also tied to, a somewhat very official site related to /sig/. if you wish for more news, be sure to check out that site as well, plus the Telegram channel named @sig_up. and here are the rules of the board, remember and respect them:

1. Follow the Global Rules.

2. Have utmost respect for one another.

3. Don't post anything lewd, absolutely no porn.

4. Gore and other horrible things to spam are not allowed here either.

5. Don't troll, be serious.

6. Don't harass others (for their nationality, faith, etc), but Banter is allowed.

7. Don't be a faggot who replies to trolls.
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Name 3 goals of yours for 2022. Only alternative: name 1 big goal and work exclusively towards it.
By listing your goals here, you are condemning yourself to only be able to work towards meeting the goals and nothing else.
Everything else that is not a nesecity is not permited.

I will start:
1)Read at least a single entire extrascolar book
2)Finish uni within this year
3)Make any sort of money for myself

If I were to name a single goal:
Stop wasting time on fruitless endeavours
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Replies: >>178
Killing myself
Replies: >>155
kill some jews in minecraft before you go
Replies: >>156
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>>138 (OP) 
I will
1)Make big progress on learning french
2) Lose the weight i gained after my surgery last year
3) Win a medal in wrestling
what's that?

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What was the ONE thing that made you stop masturbating and/or watching corn?
If it wasnt one practice or habit or change, what led you to stopping?

Personally, I have been trying for 2 or 3 years now (I dont remember anymore) and, although I have gotten it down from every day corn to an average of ~2 times a weak, I have never been more successful than 21 days.
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What if there are no mating prospects? My Uni field has not only very few females, but they are hedious aswell. I dont have any friends who whould be willing to go to bars.
Idk what to do anymore.
Replies: >>53
Wait patiently. You die without food, but you can survive without females. You can find a young one when you are old and have good babies, unlike them. The pressure to reproduce now, don't be single, etc, is roasties trying to force their diminishing SMV perspective on us. Don't fall for the roastie ruze. Just wait, bro. You'll meet a qt later, who'll be so great you'll want her to have your best version. Work now on becoming that version by then.
Replies: >>68
reproduction isn't the only goal in life
Replies: >>182 >>183
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Survival and reproduction are literaly the two main goals in life.
Replies: >>183
This was me
Yeah I agree. What I should have said is: your own individual reproduction isn't the only goal in life

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What is your goals, anons?
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>>66 (OP) 
Right now, working on losing weight
Gained a ton of it ever since i got surgery on my left knee
As soon as March hits, im getting back to wrestling 
Then i can carve a path towards  my even bigger goals
I want to compete at high levels of Freestyle wrestling, national, international
I want to choose between Pro Wrestling / MMA at 25 after ending my masters and having 2 years of experience at teaching and having had my share of wrestling experience. 
My youth will be spent chasing glory, and if i do achieve fame or any of that stuff it will be a result of my efforts, not of a chase
Replies: >>145
Tomorrow is my last fast day this year. I ate every other day for a total of eating only six months this year. Lost 25kg. Great way to lose weight if you're injured and can't exercise, bro.
Replies: >>179
Someone explain to me how this even works?
Replies: >>180
1 day you eat
1 day you dont eat
repeat for a year
Replies: >>181
Sounds kinda hard, not going to lie, especially if you're studying at uni. Could you elaborate on your experience with this kind of fasting? And what was your diet on the days when you ate?

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hey everyone. I'm incredibly new to all this and stumbled here after a mental break. My life isn't unhealthy per se but it isn't healthy either. Where can I start on this ascetic journey?
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Replies: >>139 + 1 earlier
do you have anymore websites like this?
Replies: >>97 >>173
Honestly no.
I dont think there are many gems like this guy.
I agree with Luke, though I see a foundation of asceticism and self-discipline as important to developing that creative/poetic/heroic force within yourself.

>>78 (OP) 
In general, it is good to identify bad habits, such as porn, eating junk, gayming for hours on end, and to eliminate them, and meanwhile focus on replacing them with good habits; exercise, reading, picking up skills, etc. There's a lot to say about each of these things, but you'll pick it up as you go.

Check out for a bunch of resources and links.

Mindset is very important. Stop thinking of bad habits as things that you like but can't have, and start thinking about them as things you don't even want. Picture yourself as a winner and you'll naturally start to act like one, though don't be put off by failures along the way.

Another blog from a writer of sort of similar content

I know im late but i thought id share
Replies: >>174
Thanks a bunch

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Do you ever feel nostalgic for coomer days?
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The links are not porn, instead they are scams which generate money per click.*

I don't recommend banning all tor users from your site.
Replies: >>170
>they are scams which generate money per click
still bad, still cringe, still ban-worthy. thanks for warning us all. if those links are spammed again, i will use the ban hammer, like how it was against the CP spams on /b/.
no TOR user will be banned, except the horrible ones like the Fedposters, CP spammers, or the link scammers you tell about.
Replies: >>171
Banning a tor user only bans his tor exit node. He can easily return with a new tor exit node.

Tor users are given a new tor exit node every session. I have stumbled across exit nodes that are banned on this site
Replies: >>172
A lot of websites automatically have all tor exit nodes banned. An example of this is

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I failled NN and I am absolutely doing NND. I will be posting here whenever I can for accountability.
I dont do it for le superpower or for some moral reason. I am just tired of frying my brain.
I am starting from today.
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Replies: >>150 + 2 earlier
I failed No Porn December and No Nut December and went back to my coomer ways.

In hindsight, I dunno if it was that helpful. I got too horny. Sure, I should channel that horniness into getting girls, but when most of them are obeying the lockdowns, it gets kind of hard (no pun intended). I think the once a week fap seems to maximize test while not going full horny like I was? Idk, gonna try it starting next year.
Replies: >>131
It happened something similar to me. Failed NNN cuz I got more horny than usual. Now I'm trying again, I think it has helped to stop caring what women think of me. Like, when I walk down the strett idc anymore if women are looking at me. Phyisical attraction is worthless compared to sharing goals, dreams or a conversation.

Maybe it works for you to ignore the flesh and see beyond. Objectifying women won't get you the woman of your life.
Replies: >>133
Yeah, my goals for next year include meeting X new girls per month (increasing as my confidence goes up or so) and pmo less and less too. My biggest problem with porn IMHO is the time it takes from me, when I'm cooming daily it can eat a few hours of the day every day, and that adds up. I could be do anything else, even sleeping in! Screw that.
>>86 (OP) 
who else is doing no nut january?
Replies: >>152
I will try at least.

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What are you working on, /sig/?
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Allegedly letting the eggs sit in lemon juice makes them more palatable.

If you want to gain weight I recommend drinking 4 liters of milk a day. (GOMAD) You can also add whey powder to this.

If you want to gain weight, eat > 16 * (your bodyweight) kcal / day.
That means if you're 100 lbs, you should eat 16*100 = 1600 kcal every day. If you're 200 lbs, you should eat 3200/day. If you're 80kg, you should look up on google how to get from real-world sensible European units to bullshit pound units. If you're putting on weight too fast (more than 1lbs/week), eat less. If you're not putting on weight, eat more.

Take your GOAL bodyweight in pounds, [2] [3] [4] [5][7] and that is how many grams of high-quality[6] [7] protein you want to eat every day, minimum (i.e. if you want to weigh 200lbs, eat 200g of protein each day). These are the reasons why you want to eat more protein:
Replies: >>129 >>134 >>136

You can eat more than 300, 400g of protein per day, and although that is not needed, it may help [28].
Replies: >>134 >>136
Nta, I never had any trouble getting fat, ion fact, I struggled to lose 25kgs this year, but protein is a powerful thing. I always loved my choccy milkies and used to drink a liter a day every single day. Now I'm doing ADF and drinking my liter only every other day, but I can't let go of my choccy milkies! Also, most of my other meals were used half meat, at least. The other half mostly carbs, because I never liked eating my veggies. In short, I never worried and ate only what I wanted without exercising, and got pretty fat pretty easily, but since what I wanted was mostly protein, I still had strong arms and legs, not those flabby noodles.
thank you all so much, i think i'll give GOMAD a try. i work at a kroger, so getting more milk to drink every other day is perfectly doable. i'll be sure to continue exercising, too.
also, on the subject of drinking eggs, are we talking about raw eggs? i'm going to assume that's what you mean but i want to make sure.
Replies: >>137
Yeah raw eggs. Although I've read there are some pancake recipes that involve whey protein milk and eggs maybe you could look into that

Spoiler File
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To cut to the chase, I am white. I identify more closely to african culture. I moved to southside Chicago from Virginia to get closer to my brethren but I got beaten up and my money stolen over it. There's a girl I'm trying to impress but she's into hood types. Is there more that I can do to fit in and impress her? They do rap battles every Friday night on the block and I've been practicing but I dont know if I'm good enough. Any advice anons?

Pic related: It's me.
Replies: >>130

Use this bar, they'll love it
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>>112 (OP) 

yes, stop being a wigger you idiot
Eurofag here. I really don't understand black culture. I like rap battles too, wtf does that gotta do w skin? There are white africans.

Anyways, my 2 cents: If you wanna be happy you must not do something out of pressure. Like, you wanna get this gal, okay, but are you on board with becoming a gangsta rapper to get her? Analyze what your needs or shit is gonna go wrong. Realize that your life isn't gonna get better thru pussy, but thru changing your mindset to be more positive, self-disciplined, etc. Be the best version of you and you won't feel insecure not getting a gal or for being white. Be proud of who you are, white, gangsta whathever. Then you won't get desperate to get girls.

I've made a chaotic post but hope it helps you. I believe in you bro. You are in a good general direction.

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You know what day is tomorow.
We are going to do it, arent we?
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You're right it is a psy-op. The Jews have convinced a lot of Aryans that the world is overpopulated and that having children isn't worth it. I  have switched between wanting children and not wanting them quite a lot.

Having children is mostly beneficial to the race but some actions can be of equal or greater benefit. What I am trying to say is some people can/have produced more without having children. Some examples of this are Bobby Fischer and Adolf Hitler. Some actions benefit the race as much or more than having children. 

If your genes aren't worth passing on maybe your own reproduction isn't necessarily what is best for the race. This is a thought I have on myself often.

I don't worry about having children or finding a wife I worry that my life wont benefit the race. I worry less about my own reproduction and more about the welfare of the Aryan race. Does this all make sense?
Replies: >>104
It makes sense, but to me it sounds like your overstating your own importance. Your examples are from the past century. What men did great things 500 years ago? 1000? But someone who had many kids and taught them to have many kids and pass this teaching on, he surely has changed the world much more than the guy who almost became the Caesar. Unless (you) can be sure you'll be the next Caesar, I think you're aiming too high.
>inb4 he changed the world, but for the better?
Thinking (you) know what's best for the world and is more smart than a multitude of people is retarded. You'll never understand every single thing. But if you have many kids, they will each understand a tiny fraction of everything and if you taught them the core values needed to make the world a better place, they will do it better than you possibly could.

No man is an island, bro. Methinks small tight communities >>> lone wolves, and the lone wolf badass goy is another psyop to keep us separated and weak.
Replies: >>105 >>106
That said, I hope you can change the world, bro. But even if I keep trying all my life, I'll humbly always believe a group of people is smarter and more powerful than a single individual, and instead of taking psyoped bluepilled people who were brainwashed their whole lives and trying to whip them into the next brownshirts, I think I'll do better by brainwashing kids from a young age myself. If shedded proteins or something makes me or my wife barren, I'll adopt as many impressionable minds as I can train.

In minecraft.
Replies: >>106
I'm not suggesting to become a lone wolf. Of course it's stupid to work alone. Having children isn't the only solution to the problem. I'm not important - alone I can achieve little. 

Even in a wolf pack not all the wolves reproduce - only the alphas have children and the rest serve the alphas.

By barren you mean infertile right?

If having children is more valuable to the race than any other action - then I encourage you to have children.

If you can act in a way that is more important than having children then I encourage you to take that action.

Your own reproduction may not necessarily be whats the most beneficial to the race - Maybe you would better serve the race in other ways.
Replies: >>107
But I think you're understating the contribution of your children and their childrens and so on. If one out of 100 can be a good contribution to the pack, chances are it's not going to be you or me. But if I have ten kids and each of them have ten kids, that's over a hundred people right there.

Plus, nothing stops the great contributors from having kuds, or parents from making great contributions. Being an exemplar of what a great aryan man can be will inspire what, a few people with bad parents to look up to? Compared to inspiring them plus all your descendants into living up to your name.

Sure, be the greatest man you can, bro, but don't pass an opportunity to raise a family, if a good mother for your children shows up.

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